How to Get Better Grades
How to Get Better Grades

Do You Really Want Better Grades?  This is the Answer…

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“Your materials, Pat, gave me an edge to learn better in school. I learned to read two to three times faster, memorize information quicker and take notes easier. When I go to college, chewing through heavy loads of information at night will be more efficient. Your workshop taught me how to utilize quality time over quantity time in a quick and easy way. The methods that you have taught will be a tremendous benefit for me throughout my senior year, college, medical school, and even beyond. Thanks a lot Pat!” -Tony Vu, High School Senior

“Patrick Dougher’s How To Get Better Grades program, changed my life and how I view getting homework done.”

In the first 37 minutes of this How To Get Better Grades program You Can be READING up to TWICE as fast!

Discover how you can learn up to twice as much in half the time!

Have you ever had too much to do and such a short time to do it in?

Have you ever lost your job or received mediocre grades because you couldn’t achieve everything that was required of you in the time given?

Is your school or work time cutting into sleep and perhaps, family time?

Everyone has 24 hours a day in which to spend his or her time, the most valuable commodity there is. Statistically, at least 10 hours a day are spent sleeping and/or eating, and the other 14 hours are devoted to family, work and school or learning and only a few ever experience the elusive free time.

What would being able to read faster mean to you?

“When I first heard about Pat’s class and his promise to double my reading rate, I was skeptical but thirty-five minutes into the workshop, I was reading faster than what he promised. I would recommend his class to anyone looking to get more done in less time.” –Doug Bryan of Douglas Bryan Photography, Grand Prairie, TX,

“I had never been called stupid so proficiently in all my life…”

Pat Dougher

Pat Dougher applied for college at Texas A&M. At Freshman Orientation, the Academic Adviser notified him, “Mr. Dougher, do you realize that 99% of all of the rest of the Freshmen rolled in our college are placed above you? Our records show people of your academic stature don’t last six weeks in our university. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to go to a junior college to see if college is your cup of tea?”

Pat was devastated; he had never been called stupid so proficiently in all his life.

At the end of his sophomore year, he was on academic probation with a 1.99 GPA. At the beginning of his Junior year, the College Dean called him into his office and told him that if his grades didn’t pick up, he’d have to pack up and leave.

They had a “2 strikes and you’re out” policy when it came to academic probation and grades, so Pat decided to do whatever it took to not make that 2nd strike… but he was still going to swing.

He never wanted to be called an idiot like that again, so…he developed his Accelerated Learning Techniques…and in his Junior year went from one Dean’s List to the other, from the wrong Dean’s List to the right Dean’s List, from a D student to an A/B student.

But how, you might ask? If Texas A&M tells you you’re stupid, there must be something completely wrong with you…right?


Studies have shown that students and professionals today are extremely unequipped to handle the reading and writing that the “Information Age” requires of them. The tools to develop the skills you need are NOW within your reach…

Tired of feeling slower than your peers? Ready to prove them wrong?

Pat had to rethink his entire view of studying and getting things done. Before his Accelerated Learning techniques were born, he only spent his time studying because that’s what people do, but after his rude awakening, he spent his time focusing on achieving the results that he needed to succeed in school and it has carried on into every aspect of his life.

After implementing everything he reveals to you in the How To Get Better Grades, Pat graduated from Texas A&M in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Geology.

Pat got his happy ending, why can’t I?

Well, you can…

You’ll be able to DOUBLE your reading speed, take notes in a faction of the time and learn the quirky memory tools after only two hours invested listening to the How To Get Better Grades program.

These 2 DVD’s could save you 20, 40 or possibly 80 hours a week if you only implement it. If time is money, that’s an enormous return on investment.

Can you afford to let this incredible offer slip through your hands?

So I can accelerate my learning, huh?

Yes, you can.

So what’s all this about? Well, in the Accelerated Learning DVD’s, you and your high school or college student will increase your reading rate and Learn:

The Principles of Speed Reading

Effective Note Taking

Memory Improvement Techniques

A+ Grade Study Tools

The How To Get Better Grades program is not only for reading faster, achieving high test scores, improved note taking, it’s much more! It also helps you rethink how you spend your time so that some of the 14 hours a day you spend devoted to work or school can now be devoted to your family and the things you love.

You can cut your reading time in half: If before it took you one hour to read a chapter in your book, now you can read it in 30 minutes. If you have five chapters to read, it’ll only take you 2.5 hours (or less) to go through it all, saving you 2.5 hours (or more) of time that you can now spend with your family, friends or doing what you love.

Praise for the Accelerated Learning Workshop

“I almost tripled my Reading Speed in the first 40 minutes of the CD’s. This program ROCKS! I will make sure that all of my Salespeople go through Pat’s materials.” –Mark Wilson, Sales Manager for a Leading Internet Security company, Jan 2008.

“I more than doubled my reading speed with the Accelerated Learning Workshop. The techniques that Pat teaches are SO easy to learn. When I had finished the second CD, I was ready to move onto a third one, the time flew by so fast. Most “learning resource” videos I’ve sat through are really, really, REALLY boring, but not the Accelerated Learning Workshop. You’ll barely realize that it’s about learning, it’s just that enjoyable. The Z-Method is pretty cool too.” –Marshall Mitchell, 19, Euless, Texas, Feb 2008

With Pat Dougher’s How To Get Better Grades program, you too, can journey from where you are to where you want to be…

Have you ever heard yourself utter any of these words?

“WAIT! SLOW DOWN! GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS SLIDE!” Have you ever been at a seminar or in some sort of class and the speaker moves the slide show along at a pace you can’t keep up with? Yeah, we all have…

With the How To Get Better Grades program, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the speaker with the simple note taking techniques that you will learn and be able to implement.

You’ll feel like Zorro as you swashbucklingly take notes with the “Z-Method,” slashing time-wasting ignorance with every stroke of your pen, being able to recall with your notes what you were just told from the front of the room. No longer do you just have to sit there wondering if you’ll being able to remember what the speaker/professor was talking about or if the notes you wrote down will make sense when you go back to look over them.

How To Get Better Grades: “So easy, an Agg… a Caveman can do it.”

Do you join in your child’s tears as they look at their mountain of homework? Do you have a mountain of reading materials that are lying in your inbox on your desk, just waiting to be opened, but you’ve been dreading, hoping, praying that it’ll be taken care of by itself?

How To Get Better Grades DVD program Expands your Brain

Have you ever been in a boardroom meeting and were the last one to finish reading the contract, causing everyone to wait on you and eventually stare?

How to Get better Grades program solves the problem and saves the day, doubling your reading rate in less than 37 minutes.

“A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.” –Anne Hathaway, 1556-1623

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Once you take the course and implement what you have learned, your brain really will expand and “never return to it’s original dimensions.”

The sweet smell of success will fill your nostrils as you begin to implement what you have learned from the How To Get Better Grades program, and you will begin to see the results as they happen.

Who doesn’t want…

Two DVDs, one on Speed Reading and the other on Note Taking and Memory skills

Learn drills to increase your reading rate

An Action Guide that you can mark in and take notes with as you go through the DVD’s, includes power point slides as well as 2 Chapters of the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

How would you like to say, after implementing the How To Get Better Grades program, “I finally got to use my boat and spend time on the lake with my family”?

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”

Winnie the Pooh

What are you waiting for? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten, so try something new and get their risk-free, iron-clad, money-back guaranteed Accelerated Learning Workshop and start saving time (and money) today.

If your son or daughter could spend ½ as much time studying and earn better grades, what possibilities would that open up for them?

Here’s what some of the past Accelerated Learners came back and answered: “Accelerated Learning Workshop has given me…”

What if YOU could DOUBLE your Reading Rate after just 37 minutes?

Not sure what doubling your Reading Rate could do for you? Imagine with me what doubling your Reading Rate would allow you to…

Read the news so that you were always on top of current events.

Read more books that will expand your mind, imagination and world.

Read those contracts that you always wished you’d stop to read before you signed on the dotted line and not feel like you are hold others up in order to read them.

Besides all these great benefits, what if I gave your money back if you didn’t double your Reading Rate? Yes, you read that correctly, if, at the end of the DVD’s, you or your student has not doubled their Reading Rate, then you can return the DVD’s and Action Guide for a full refund! So with all the great benefits mentioned, this must be $1000’s of dollars, right? Well, the information is worth more than that to your life and the lives of those around you…

The How To Get Better Grades (The Action Guide and DVD’s) are 2 DVD’s and the Action Guide for $47.

How to Get Better Grades
How to Get Better Grades

47.00$ Add to cart

Get better grades – How to Get Better Grades